Quality Assurance

NBK says quality is not for the product; but instead for mouth watering taste and satisfaction..!!

This line says about the quality standards of the spices and ready to mix and use products from our Abode of taste with nutritional value. Being one of the reputed exporters of Indian spices to all nooks and corners of the world, we know that quality is what makes the people to say our brand name again and again.

We never limit our quality of our products to set standards for export and for quality certifications. It is just the first and most simple milestone in our quality process. We go beyond the established standards to preserve the original essence and presence of flavor in the packed product.

Our quality control department is active in all parts of the production and undertakes internal quality checks and audits to make sure that the products not only satisfies but goes beyond expectation and culinary needs of the clients. We are ISO 22000-2005 certified company and always take effort to prove the value of certification through our products instead of papers.

We make our spices free from any of the artificial colors and flavors. All of the products are cultivated under the best hygienic conditions, tested by the top chefs before it gets into the packets. We make use of the most modern tools and techniques in grinding, powdering and packing to present the flavor as it is from the top graded garden to the world market.

Our search for quality never ends. With scientific methods and sentimental minds, we deliver the quality what we assure you through words. We always update the process and procedure to deliver quality that never bring questions; but instead compliments. Use your smartness to pick our product from varieties present before you to select for your cuisine.

These are just a few words for our healthy and natural spices with aromatic flavor. More words are there to say about the taste, flavor, ingredients and quality of our best selected spices and products which makes you feel excited to add to your next new recipe at once. Every person who has a passion towards food and wish to taste varieties of foods all over the world never forgets the taste of NBK ingredients which are unique in its variety of masalas. We are sure it will come out from your lips when you taste it.